Friday, June 10, 2011

A Venezuela Photo Album

Photos from my recent visit to Merida, Venezuela. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

A bodega on the way to La Culata
El Vaille

Fog rolling in at La Culata

More fog

This and the next several photos are from the monastery where they grow "my" coffee

It's like Shangri-La, isn't it?

One morning, I will be drinking the coffee that is growing at the top of this hill.

Flowers at the monastery

On the way to the Paramo (moors)

Lake Mucubaji, in the Paramo

A view of the fog-bound lake

At Los Frailes, where we stopped for lunch in the Paramo

The front of Los Frailes

Foxglove (digitalis) at Los Frailes

Another flower at Los Frailes

The Paramo in fog.


  1. 1. the flora is beautiful! you caught some really nice photos.

    2. your coffee?! I'll have you know lots of other people drink that coffee too :)

  2. Just now saw your comment. Thanks! Glad you like the photos. As for "my" coffee...well, I *did* put it in quotation marks, which was my lame way of acknowledging that I don't have sole ownership. But I'm very possessive about this coffee! And VERY partial to it. In fact, we're about to run out of it here in Maine, so I had to buy something else. I will drink it with great trepidation. (And I hope all those other people who drink the Venezuelan coffee enjoy it...and think of the very special place it came from!)