Friday, May 6, 2011

Higley School Board Meets

There was a meeting last night of the Higley School Board.  According to this account by Hayley Ringle (who also reported about the superintendent's emails), the subject of the emails wasn't raised.

I wouldn't have expected the board to raise it: they are focused on the business of running the schools and their agenda is designed to do that.  They will only depart from it if the people who elected them demand it.  The board must be responsive to citizens--it does not need to respond to a blog or to a newspaper article.  If you are concerned, whether you want to question Dr. Birdwell's actions or speak in support of her, I urge you to contact the members of the Higley School Board.  Their contact information is on the website for the Higley Unified School District.

It seems to me that sometimes we complain and believe that in doing so we have acted.  Complaining to one another or posting on a blog isn't taking action.  It's just talking.  Taking action is bringing the matter to someone who can do something about it--in this case, the elected members of the Higley Governing Board.

Outrage is fine, so long as it inspires us to act.

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