Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tortoise Goes International

To my amazement, people are reading this blog, and it isn't just my mother.  The blog has been visited over 500 times since I started it, which is astonishing to me.

What's especially surprising is the overseas readers.  There are several in Venezuela, but that's to be expected, since I'm writing about friends there, and they know about it.  But who is reading this in the UK?  In Malaysia?  Tanzania?  (I might have a guess about that one, but I'm not sure.)  There's even been one visit from someone in France!

Do let me know what you're reading and enjoying--or not enjoying. (If you'd rather not leave a comment, you can email me privately if you prefer.)  It's a great honor to think that somebody other than my family is finding something interesting here.

By the way, if you want to keep abreast of the blog, there are a couple of ways to do it.  I'm announcing posts on my Facebook page.  I'm also posting tweets on Twitter, where you can find me here:  @DavidSchildkret.  Feel free to follow either one.

UPDATE:  I just added an email subscription box.  Find it to the right.  If it works the way it's supposed to, this will allow you to receive an email whenever I post to the blog.  There are a couple of verification steps that will ensure you don't get a bunch of spam.  Sign up if you want so that you won't miss a spine-tingling moment of the hilarity.

Here are the stats--I just pulled them.  These are the page views by country since the blog started.

United States
:  468
United Kingdom
:  6
:  4
: 3

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