Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Blast from the Past

My high school classmate Bill Mitchell, who recently found me on Facebook, has been reading the blog.  When he saw my post about cooking for the multitudes, it stirred a distant memory.  He found this photo of me at age 17.  I'm at the grill cooking for a post-graduation party.  The guy I'm beaning is Joe Molinari, who I'm told went on to greatness in the US military.  In the background is my best friend from high school, Tony Ginyard.  I regret to say I've lost track of him.

Wordsworth said that the child is father of the man, and I guess this is photographic proof.  My main reaction is that I had hair, and the sideburns (which were the fashion at the time) are completely absurd.

Enjoy.  It should be good for a laugh at least!  (And thanks, Bill, for sharing this.)

DS (left, wielding spatula) cooking at the Jersey shore, June 1973.

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