Friday, April 29, 2011

I attend a Royal Wedding party in absentia

I am really tickled by this:  Kay McNight, a friend from Salem College (where I taught from 1995 - 2002 and where I was last year for a sabbatical) made scones using my recipe and the rosemary-orange cake that I posted a few weeks ago (that recipe, you'll recall, came from Maryn Lewallen, a reader in Tanzania).  Talk about global!  Kay kindly shared this photo of her results:

On the plate (clockwise from top):  deviled egg, rosemary-orange cake, strawberry jam, Devon cream, and a scone.  (Photo courtesy of Kay McKnight)
Kay has impeccable style, as the photo clearly demonstrates.  I'm glad she didn't just tuck in (it's what I usually do) and actually paused to take the picture.  She and her guests liked the scones and cake very much:  she described the scones as the best she's ever had, and at my suggestion, she asked her guests to try to figure out what was in the cake.  They loved the cake, but didn't figure out that it was made with whole wheat flour and rosemary!

Though I was soundly tucked up in my bed when Kate and William tied the knot, I'm glad to have played a role, however indirectly, in the celebration.  I wish them many years of happiness, and I wish you, the reader, much joy of baking--and eating!  Thanks so much, Kay, for sending this along.

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